OBOFX, a famous International online Forex Broker, is a company registered and regulated in accordance with the highly reputable financial regulatory government authority. The activity of OBOFX is regulated and conforms entirely to the laws and regulations.
As of date, we can humbly convey to the world that OBOFX is a REGISTERED FINANCIAL SERVICE PROVIDER, and as such, it can legally offer and perform all forms of financial services as allowed by the Registrar.
OBOFX is committed to conducting business in a manner that complies with applicable laws and is, consistent with the highest ethical standards, including standards intended to prevent bribery and corruption. OBOFX understands the risks that may compromise these standards and using all reasonable efforts to ensure that those who provide services to OBOFX are well aware of and share our commitment to an ethical and highly reputed Forex brokerage entity. Time changes but the dedication of OBOFX never will. With highly personalized 24 hours services, combined with reliability, friendliness, flexibility and transparency of running the operation of the business makes OBOFX as one of the best Forex brokers one could choose.

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